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i was bored so i drew a sexy cheez-it

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How is it possible I be in love with three men over 40? #ineedhelp #greenday

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Scan from Green Day Revealed: Unofficial Guide to an Awesome Punk Rock Band”

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ASH… Catch ‘Em

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"I dunno if you saw that but I got hit right in the balls … Jesus Christ … Who threw it? You threw it? You’re a fucking asshole! WHY would you throw a shoe and hit me in the goddamn balls! You hit me in the fucking balls! It’s alright … haha … so what, okay, how about after the show I fuck ya up the ass … hey so what i’m fucking you at the ass … hey I probably can’t now, I can’t have children! Look what you’ve done to me! … Look what i’ve done to me …"

1998 Billie Joe was … special

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